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    Old School-Diamond Back is aimed towards referencing the Diamond Back BMX period 1977 to 1990 and dedicated to the great Sandy Finkelman who sadly passed away on 23rd November 2005, his memory and vision live on in one of the most iconic names in BMX.

    We hope you find the site useful, simple to understand and more importantly, beneficial. Much of the information has been sourced from contacts, the Internet, marketing material and some just plain old logic. Where possible we'll attempt to keep the information factual and accurate, but if you observe any irregularities, do not hesitate in contacting us through the forum where we'll be more than willing to discuss any information stated.

    The specifications detailed are based on official literature, though in somes cases the part may differ. This could be down to irregularities in the brochure picture or parts being replaced/updated. If this is the case I've added any relevant information in the 'Additional Information' at the foot of each model page. Over time there will be added reviews of Diamond Back's history from the very people associated with them, moreso the 'riders' that inspired that generation and beyond.

    Diamond Back of the Year 2013 - 'Harry Leary (Custom)' by sizler01

    <div align="center"><a href="..//DBoftheMonth/Sizler_Grey_Turbo.jpg"><img src="..//DBoftheMonth/Sizler_Grey_Turbo.jpg" </a></div>

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